The composition and principle of precision filter

Precision filter usually consist of a stainless steel cylinder shell and a tubular filter element inside. There are various types of filters, including PP melt blown, wire fired, pleated, titanium filter elements and activated carbon filter elements, etc. Choose the appropriate filter element according to different filter media and design requirements. Its working principle is based on passing the liquid through the filter element, separating suspended particles, solid particles and impurities through physical isolation and adsorption, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the liquid.

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Excellent performance of precision filter

High filtration accuracy and uniform pore size:

The manufacturing process of the precision filter ensures that the pore size of the filter element is uniform, achieving high-efficiency filtration accuracy, and can effectively filter tiny particles.

Low filtration resistance and large flux:

The design of the precision filter reduces the filtration resistance, thereby ensuring large flux and long service life.

High cleanliness of the material:

The material of the filter element has been strictly selected to have a high cleanliness and will not pollute the treated liquid again.

Resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature:

The precision filter material is resistant to chemical solvents such as acid and alkali, and can work stably in a high temperature environment, adapting to various working conditions.

High structural strength: 

The precision filter has good mechanical strength, is not easy to deform, and can run stably for a long time.

Economical, practical and easy to maintain:

The price of the precision filters are relatively low, the operating cost is also low, and it is easy to clean and replace.

Applications Of Precision Filters

The application range of precision filter covers a wide range of industrial fields:

Medicine and chemical industry: 

In pharmaceutical and chemical production, high-purity liquid medicine is required. Precision filter ensures product quality and are used for fluid purification in chemical processes. For questions about precision filter in medicine, please refer to this blog“The Importance of Medical Sterile Filters”.

Oil and Gas:

In oil and gas processing, precision filters are used to separate impurities, lubricants and chemicals to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

Food and Beverage:

In food and beverage production, precision filter is used to clarify a variety of beverages and ensure consistency in taste and appearance.

Environmental protection and water treatment:

In the field of environmental protection, precision filters are used in water treatment processes to remove suspended particles and impurities and improve water quality. For the specific application of precision filter elements in water treatment, please refer to this blog“Why High Flow Filter Cartridges are the Key to Maximizing Efficiency in Water Treatment Systems”.

Maintenance and Optimization of Precision Filters

Keeping the precision filter in normal working condition is crucial to stable production. Here are some maintenance points:

Clean the filter element regularly to maintain good filtering effect.

Pay attention to prevent damage to the filter element to ensure service life and filtration efficiency.

According to the differential pressure value and the use time limit, replace the filter element in time to ensure normal operation.

Check the condition of the O-ring to ensure tightness.

Correctly install, remove and maintain the filter according to the operation manual.

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