China Belt And Road Initiative

The implementation of “Belt and Road” initiative led by China is a great practice, as well as a complex, huge and arduous project. By china belt and road initiative of last year, over 100 countries had voiced their support to the “Belt and Road” initiative and willingness to participate in the implementation of “Belt and Road” initiative, and China had signed 46 “Belt and Road” cooperation agreements with 39 countries and international organizations in fields such as connectivity, industrial capacity, investment, economic trade, finance, technology, society, society, humanity, people’s livelihood and ocean. These agreements cover countries with a total population of some 4.4 billion yuan and an economic aggregate of some 21 trillion yuan. Such a huge project involves immeasurable information, full and effective acquisition and use of information is vital to the implementation of “Belt and Road” initiative, promoting the integration of the “Belt and Road” initiative with big data is naturally the best solution. “Only mutual understanding can lead to cooperation and only mutual familiarity can lead to mutual trust”. We need to establish multilingual, multi-perspective and all-round platforms for big data sharing and dissemination, publicize the basic knowledge, progress and trend of the “Belt and Road” initiative, comprehensively introduce the history and current situation of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” initiative, promote mutual understanding through data interconnection, overcome diversities in region, language, folk customs, culture, religion and other fields through data, enhance mutual recognition and trust, and lay a solid foundation for policy communication, facilities connectivity, unblocked trade, financial integration and people-to-people exchanges.

Big data platforms open for sharing can increase the transparency of implementing the “Belt and Road” initiative and make the countries involved in the implementation of “Belt and Road” initiative feel the open mind and sincerity of the Chinese government. They are the best footnotes of the Silk Road spirit of openness and inclusiveness, and conducive to people-to-people exchanges.

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